Smart projects business matchmaking session is a combination of the best of two formats: the classic contact-cooperation exchange and Demo Day for technology startups and projects.

Matchmaking session includes 3 rounds of negotiations, during which technology startups and enterprise projects, SMEs in the field of Smart Industry or Smart City from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine present themselves and conduct a series of negotiations with invited investors (banks, venture and investment funds, business angels, private investors, corporate investors), technology companies - partners (vendors, technology integrators) and infrastructure partners ( accelerators, technology parks, digital hubs, centers for development and commercialization of innovations)

How will matchmaking session be held?

1. We conduct partner search sessions and competitive selection, which involves startups, SMEs, companies that have projects, spin-offs at the MVP stage in one of the following industries: machinebuilding, Smart City, energy, chemistry, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food & beverages, logistics, banking sector for industry using one or more of the following technologies and technological solutions in projects: digital design and modeling, additive and hybrid technologies, big data, industrial robots, robotic automation processes (RPA), sensorics, Industrial Internet of Things, enterprise management systems (MES, ICS, ERP, CRM, SCM, PLM, etc.), augmented and virtual reality (AR & VR), cloud solutions, blockchain.

2. Best projects are selected by a competition committee, which directly includes the organizers of the matchmaking session, investment, technological, infrastructure partners of the session.

3. Finalists of the competition are invited to three rounds of negotiations at tSmart projects business matchmaking session, which will take place on November 12, 2021

The first round of matchmaking session is dedicated to introducing projects to investors and potential partners.

First, a pitch session will take place, where in 5 minutes the finalists will present their projects not only to the matchmaking session partners, but also to each other, additionally they'll answer to the questions of matchmaking session participants.

Second round of matchmaking session is the negotiations of projects with potential technology and infrastructure partners. Partners will be invited for 10-minute negotiation sessions to the project's tables with their presentation materials, and discuss by what tools and under what conditions they can enhance the commercial attractiveness of projects.

In the third round, organizers invite project teams to negotiation tables with investors. Time limit for negotiations - 10 minutes for each project with each of the investors. The round of negotiations opens with projects elevator pitch - in 1 minute the projects must tell the investor about their investment needs, answering the main questions: how much they expect, for what purposes, in what time frame they plan to master the investment and what effects the attracted funds will bring to the project. After negotiations with one investor, projects go to the negotiating table with the next investor. Thus, the project will be reviewed in detail by all investment partners of the matchmaking session.

According to the results of the matchmaking session, project teams have every chance to find not only investments for their development, but also technological partners, as well as suitable infrastructure for their further "pumping" and commercialization.

Who are the matchmaking session partners?

Venture capital companies, business angels, private, corporate investors, state, interstate and private funds, cluster organizations, banks can act as investment partners of the matchmaking session.
ICT, IT companies, vendors and technology integrators can act as technology partners of the matchmaking session
Infrastructure partners of the matchmaking session can be accelerators, technology parks, R&D centers, digital hubs and laboratories, universities and academies of sciences, etc.

What is the competitive selection process?

Competitive selection of projects consists of 2 stages:

Stage 1: submission of the application form to the matchmaking session on the or by e-mail:

Applications are reviewed by the competition committee, which includes organizers of the matchmaking session, investment, technological and infrastructure partners of the matchmaking session. Based on the results of the commission's work, winner projects are selected, whom organizers of the matchmaking session invite to participate in the session in-person.

Stage 2 – direct participation of the winners of competitive selection in matchmaking session at the Forum on November 12, 2021, in accordance with its regulations.