Smart Industry Expo (SIEx) is the first interregional specialized forum for the smartification of the real sector of economy. It will be held for the second time in 2021.

Forum’s Mission : presentation of best practices for increasing the competitiveness of companies, countries and regions from the introduction of digital technologies in priority sectors of the real sector of economy.

Smart Industry Expo opens its doors annually to present:

  • Digital technologies for priority sectors of the real sector of economy
  • A platform for discussion and formation of principles, strategies, roadmaps and joint projects for implementation and adaptation of advanced experience in increasing competitiveness through the introduction of digital technologies at three levels: corporate, national economies and interregional cooperation.
  • Applied solutions and interaction networks for the implementation of joint projects, transfer of technologies and best practices, search for partners, developers, competencies in the field of digital transformation of industry.

Forum is held in B2B format

In 2020, Forum’s agenda was mainly foused on macroeconomic issues: Forum acted as an international specialized expert platform for presenting best practices and solutions for creating ecosystems that support digital transformation of traditional sectors of economy and attracting investments, including venture capital ones, for large-scale financing of projects for introduction of digital technologies in industry in EAEU countries, Eastern Partnership, the Baltics and the Balkans. As part of the business program of the last Forum, the following tracks for expert discussion were formed: International experience. Best practices, Investments. Innovative infrastructure, Digital technologies in smart industry, Career day. Professions of the future.

In 2021, the Forum's agenda is becoming more focused on digital transformation at the microeconomic level: practices of changing the approach to doing business (business model), integrating innovative (disruptive) technologies into all aspects of business activities, introducing fundamental transformations in technology, culture, operations and principles of creating new products and services.